Massage Testimonials

"Lori Gonzales, LMT is professional, knowledgeable, and skilled. Highly recommend her for consultation, therapeutic massage, & ionic detox services. During my Lubbock visit I needed medical attention and this also included regular appointments with Lori (with tangible results)!! Very grateful!! Essential oils were used. Private and relaxing decor. Comfortable table. Reasonable rates. Lori is a kind and thorough communicator with healing hands and a servants heart. An exceptional LMT!!" *

- Dee R.

"Seriously the best deep tissue massage I've had in Lubbock. Lori is awesome. She found my problem in my hip, and I felt better in one hour after hurting for 6 months." 

- Erin C.

"Lori did a great job finding all the sore spots. She got rid of my migraine and helped so many areas."

- Carla J.

"She always does an excellent job!!"

- Vickie H.

 "She is amazing! I leave feeling 10 years younger!! 

- Lana Burson

"This lady is awesome. Deep tissue is magnificent."

- Reta C.

"She knows what she's doing and I always walk out feeling reborn."

- John S.

"Great place to go for a great massage."

- Susy R.

"I've been Lori's client for several years. She is hands down the most knowledgeable and professional massage therapist in Lubbock."

- Edie Bartos Canale

"I was having incredible pain in my right shoulder, neck, and upper back. I kept thinking that in time it would go away, but no matter what I did it was there. I met Lori through my wife and was impressed with her therapy and how she spoke of the importance of maintenance & a healthy lifestyle. She was specific with her treatment and I started to do better. It was after her care the pain stopped. I now maintain a regular schedule that keeps my body feeling good and less stressed."

- David R.

"Best massage ever."

- Mike I.

"Best massage I have had in quite sometime. Her years of experience certainly show. She knows what she is doing. I will see her again in the future."

- Tammy P.

"Very professional, she really knows what she is doing! Really helped me with my back and shoulder pain."

- Aziz

"Lori is fantastic! She is caring and wants to help you with whatever need you have with your body. I highly recommend Lori!"

Yuvonne M.

"Very knowledgeable, thoughtful, and kind, definitely helped with my issues. Would go back!"

Denija C

"Had to be the best massage I've ever had! Can't wait to be able to get another!"

- Breanna G.

"Fabulous experience. Very professional, and I booked another appointment on my way out the door!!"

- Patti C.

"Really helped me with neck and shoulder pain relief. Highly recommend."

- Rosa G.

"Lori is excellent at what she does. She is polite and professional. She listens to your problem areas and knows how to give you the relaxation of that problem area. My shoulders are always stiff because of the way I sleep. And she works her magic and I feel great afterwards. Being someone to try different places to find the best is what I have done..... And she's it. Look no further. Great customer service to boot. Can't say that that often these days...."

- Eddie C.

"She does a good job and sure will go back"

- FBrenning

"Always professional and a great massage!"

- Mark L.

"EXCELLENT! Highly Recommend!

- Bill D.

"Very nice lady, very informative and gets the job done! Highly recommend her!! She does an awesome job! I will not go to anyone else. I'm very happy with her services!"

- Lupe E.

"Very friendly and professional. Nice and comfortable atmosphere. Uses lots of techniques to personalize according to specific client needs, and makes sure to communicate before to cater to that visits priority area, as well as after to assist with how to maintain health and improve muscle/joint/etc. tensions and aches. Very intuitive and gives 210% on every appointment."

- Krista H.


- Melissa D.

"By far the best massage I've had in Lubbock!"

- Selena L.

"It was very relaxing!"

- Adrian Q.


- Treva T.

"Great deep tissue massage. The oils add to relaxation and stress relief. Lori is very professional."

- Debra F.

"Lori is one of the best massage therapists I've ever been to. She is so knowledgeable about the body and how to best help me. I always leave feeling so much better!"

- Lacey A.

"Best massage of my life!!!"

- Amanda W.

"Excellent massage!!! Extremely professional."

- Aruna M.

"Best massage ever!"

- Connie  C.

"She does great deep tissue work."

- John M.

"I was very pleased with my experience with Lori. She was very professional and gave me a great massage - focusing on the areas that I needed the most.

- Angie G.

"Well worth the money - even at full price! I'll definitely return."

- Joseph E.

"Before I went to Lori Gonzales, LMT I bounced around from one massage therapist to the next never finding anyone who I could stick with, but Lori's professionalism and advanced techniques have helped me with both stress and pain. I can feel the difference from our sessions for up to several weeks, and I love the individual attention she shows each client. Lori definitely has the Midas Touch! I highly recommend her for stress & pain relief. She's the only licensed massage therapist I'll ever go to as long as I'm in Lubbock!"

- Doug F.

"Lori gives a great massage and shares helpful information for how to improve one's health."

- Beth O.

"Lori Gonzales in Lubbock, Texas is a professional licensed massage therapist providing high quality therapeutic massages using essential oils, *and she also incorporates other modalities. I highly recommend her services. Very satisfied at multiple appointments!"

- Dolores R.

"Lori is a true miracle worker - I've been blessed with her expertise for over 14 years. She has a keen sense of touch, great knowledge in her field, and can often "feel" your pain. After 2 different car accidents, I now go straight to Lori when I am hurting. 99% of the time I am able to get immediate full relief & can avoid taking unnecessary pain medicines and expensive Dr's visits - my "heavenly" visits to Lori Gonzales have SAVED me TONS of money!"

- Lori D.

"Best massage I have had in years!!!!! I will be going back!"

- Misty N.

"Lori is the best massage therapist in Lubbock. No doubt."

- Amy E.

Contact Information

Lori Gonzales, L.M.T.

To Schedule Appointment Call

Phone: (806) 722-1934

Hours of Operation

Mon-Fri, By Appointment Only

Payment Options

Cash or Check Only

Payment is due, in full, at time of appointment. Payment is to be received before you session begins. It is much easier to make the correct payment before your session begins.

Tipping is not necessary. I price my service fairly and encourage you to put any money for tipping toward your next appointment. The best tip my customers can give is to refer others who can benefit from my service. 


-Advanced Scheduling Required

-No Less than 24 Hours Notice of Reschedule is Required. Fee for less than 24 hrs notice waived at this time. If you find you cannot attend your session, call as soon as possible so someone else in pain can be helped.

-No Shows: The full amount of the missed session will be due before your next appointment. No Shows may result in no future appointments.

-Late Arrivals: To avoid inconvenience to other guests, the length of your session will be shortened. You will be charged the full amount of the scheduled session. Arrive early enough that your massage can start at the appointed time.

**The Day of Your Appointment

Out of respect for your therapist & fellow wellness family, do not wear any perfume, cologne,oils, lotions, powder, or incense. Also do not wear patchouli, frankincense, or anything containing those oils. Regular soap and deodorant will suffice.

**Your therapist is highly allergic and others are as well. Failure to comply with this policy will cause harm to others'

health, disruption of schedul​es, and

result in no future appointments.

**Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

**Flu, Colds, Sore Throat, Active Infections, Etc. It is mandatory to call in, if you have symptoms of any kind. It is better to call in than to risk exposing others. It is mandatory that you be symptom free and completely well before scheduling your next massage. Also, No flu shots the day of (before) your appointment.

COVID-19 Remember, this is a private office where sessions are administered on an individual basis. You won't be in a waiting area with a large number of people. I am closely monitoring and taking very seriously this uncharted territory. It is important we all do our part to keep each other safe. For everyone's safety, it is mandatory that you comply with any policies set forth (including those above and below) no exceptions.

For the safety and protection of your therapist and all guests, wash your hands before and after your session, and do not touch your face. It is required for those who travel to postpone their sessions for at least 14 days following their return, as symptoms may take that long to develop. Be upfront with your therapist about where you have been and when. Follow any guidelines set forth by the CDC and Health Authorities. Be socially responsible.

You can remain confident that cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces and materials you come into contact with remains, as always, of the highest priority. If you have any questions or concerns you would like to discuss in person, feel free to contact the office at (806) 722-1934

Massage Sessions

$55    30 minutes

$100  1 hour

$110  1 hour w/ Essential Oils

$135  1 hour 30 minutes

$150  1 hour 30 minutes w/EOs

$200  2 hours

Ionic Detox Session $55

Add - Ons

$5 - $30

** Additional $10 on appointments 6pm or later.

Massage Gift Cards

Call ahead to order & arrange for pick up or to have gift certificates mailed to you or mailed for you.

**Gift cards must be presented at the time of appointment. It is your form of payment for the session. Treat your gift card like cash and do not lose it.


Lori Gonzales, LMT

8302 Indiana Ave Suite 9

Lubbock, TX 79423

Located Inside Raintree Office Park, south of 82nd St & Indiana Ave. CVS Pharmacy

Entrance is the middle glass door below the signage

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